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February 11th

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New Skein

I was told to start a new skein by pulling the end out of the middle instead of starting with the end on the outside. I have found it damn near impossible to find the inside end without destroying the skein and then having to re-roll it. The ladies at the LYS just reach in and pull it out without any hesitation. Does anyone have any suggestions to easily locate the inside end?

February 7th

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Modified Wallet Pattern

I gave a lot of background in my blog that I won’t repeat here. The upshot of it is that this was my first design project for knitting, and only my second knitting project ever. I’m proud of the way it turned out, but don’t expect anything incredibly elaborate.

The design uses the same yarn and stitch as the wallet in Michael del Vecchio’s “Knitting with Balls” book. Basically every dimension has been changed and I’ve thrown in some new techniques, so I’m willing to call this my own design that is inspired by his.

For experienced knitters, I hope you chime in and tell me what I could have done better. For less experienced knitters, I’ve tried to spell out some of the details that I wish I would have known when I started.

Yarn: Berroco Suede 100% nylon, Shade 3717. 1 ball should be sufficient, but buy a second one to play with.

Suggested needles: US size-7 straight.

Other supplies:
Embroidery floss, “Dark Coffee” shade. (this is a bit too dark, but it was the closest I could find)
Tapestry needle.
Plastic freezer bag, any size.
One-hole punch.

Gauge: 16 stitches and 28 rows is 4”x4” in stockinette stitch. 20 stitches and 32 rows is 4” x4” in linen stitch.

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Uploading Images

If you guys are having trouble uploading images, make sure that there are no special characters in the file name, i.e. !,@,#,& or spaces, etc. These do not translate well in web browsers.

See this page for tips on filenaming conventions:

Also, be sure to resize your images to something that's under 100k and a reasonable resolution for display on a web page. Large, inline images will distort the page layout.

Attaching an image to a post, rather than trying to make it inline is also more straightforward. When creating a new post, simply expand the "File Attachments" section, browse for your local file, and click Attach.

You can always go back and edit (or delete) a post you've previously written.

Let me know if y'all have questions or describe to me the scenarios that're causing you trouble and I'll do my best to explain them here, for everyone's benefit.



February 1st

Researching knitting for my thesis

Hello! I confess, I am not a man, but I *am* an avid knitter, and so when it came time to choose my anthropology thesis topic, knitting seemed like the obvious choice. :) I'm interested in changes or continuities in knitting over the past century or so, and among other things, I'm trying to talk to as many knitters as possible about what they do, how they learned, what knitting means to them, and so on. I was wondering whether anybody here at menwhoknit would be interested in completing an online survey that I put up at:

The survey takes only about 20 minutes and does not ask for personal/identifying information (responses are also encrypted).

I'd also love to get recommendations on books or articles that you guys think are important. I'm finding loads of pattern books out there, but sources about knitting as a cultural activity seem to be more elusive, although I've heard there's stuff out there.
Thanks in advance-

Firefly | Jayne Hat

Hey there, Guys!

First post.

My decision to take up knitting was borne out of my love for Joss Whedon's TV series "Firefly"...
...and a particular knit artifact from one of the episodes...

I posted this topic to the FireflyFans Forum a few days ago... Forum | Men Who Knit?

Am I the first Browncoat here?


January 31st

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Any Ideas for Kidsilk Haze?

I've started knitting with rowan kidsilk Haze and it's a bit of a nightmare - I wanted to make a hat for a friend and it looks a bit of a dishcloth. the wool also seems really 'sticky' on metal needles and is generally not very enjoyable. Will I be beaten? Any ideas?

Knit-Out 2007 & Crochet

On February 17 and 18 at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, MN there will be a monstrous knitting and crochet extravaganza. Lessons, Fashion shows, doggie sweaters, yarn "Doctors" and Vicki Howell from Knitty Gritty and Lily Chin--the worlds fastest crocheter. See the MOA website for more.

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I'm having trouble with my first sweater... here it is:

and here is where i'm stuck... or just confused:

Right Placket and Collar: With smaller needles, cast on 14 sts.

Row 1 (RS): Sl 1, (p1, k1) 6 times, p1.

Row 2: * K1, p1, rep from * across. Rep these 2 rows until piece measures 4” from beg, end on WS. Mark end of last row for beg of collar.

Inc Row (RS): Work to last st, M1p, k1 – 15 sts. Inc 1 st 1 st in from same edge EVERY row 15 times more, working incs into ribbing – 30 sts. Inc 1 st 1 st in from same edge every RS row 13 times – 43 sts. Inc 1 st 1 st in from same edge every other RS row 5 times – 48 sts. Work even in ribbing as established until collar, when slightly stretched, measures 9(9 1/2-10-10 1/2-11)” above marker, end on WS. Mark beg and end of last row. Work even for 4 rows.

Note: Short rows are worked to give shaping to the collar. When working these rows you will work part way across a row, turn, sl 1, then work back to the beginning.

Short Rows: Row 1 (RS): Work 42 sts in ribbing, turn, sl 1, then work to end. Work 4 rows even.

Row 2 (RS): Work 38 sts in ribbing, turn, sl 1, then work to end. Work 4 rows even. Continue in this manner to alternate short rows and even rows, working 4 less sts each short row until short side of collar measures 5 1/2” above markers, end on WS. Sl 48 sts onto holder. Mark placement of 2 buttons on placket, one 1” up from cast-on edge and the other just below beg of collar.

January 30th

New Yarn

Hey All!

So, I just bought this delicious baby camel yarn. I really would like to make a pair of mittens out of it but I'm having trouble finding a pattern ... I would say that it's about a sport/DK weight ... Does anyone have any suggestions?

January 29th

Socks from knitting with balls

I have been working a pattern from Michael del Vecchio's "Knitting With Balls" and have come up against a roadblock. The pattern is for Hiking Boot Socks, found on pages 66-69. I have gotten to the heel turn, yes I know that it is the most difficult part of a sock, but the stitch instructions do not add up. The stitches that are to be knit together do not fall on the gaps, the marker is not in the proper place to be slipped when told to do so... I brought the instructions in to my local
yarn/knitting store but we were still unable to perform the stitches called for in the pattern.

This is what it says to do...

Row1: K9 sl marker K2tog K1 turn
Row2: P2 sl marker P2tog P1 turn
Row3: K2 sl marker K2tog (knitting one stitch from either side of the gap together)
Row4: P4 sl marker P2tog (purling one stitch from either side of the gap) P1 turn
Repeat rows 3 and 4, continuing to K2tog or P2tog one stitch from either side of the gap and working one more stitch then turning the work, until 1 st remains beyond the gap on either side. Work the final rows as follows:
Row1: Knit to 1 before gap and K2tog turn.
Row2: Purl to 1 before gap and P2tog (8 sts rem)

Like I said, the gaps do not line up. The pattern says knit 2 stitches together one from either side of the gap, but the gap is 1 or 2 stitches away. Or it say to slip P4 and sl marker, but you just slipped the marker 2 stitches earlier before and turned so it's only 2 stitches away. Does anyone have any idea what i might be doing wrong?