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May 31st

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stupid question of the week.

I've been wondering about the "buddylist" since I signed up.

What function (if any) does it serve?

May 28th

Increase Pattern Help

I've been knittig for a few years but never encountered a pattern that had steps like the ones I have questions on. I am making a simple dog sweater and here is where I have questions.

The pattern states:
CO 7 sts. Working in k1, p1 rib, inc 1 st each edge every other row 0 (0, 0, 3) times, then every third row 7 (9, 13, 14) times 21, (25, 33, 41) sts on needle.

Q1: I am making the 3rd size. Am I correct that I begin my first increase on the 3rd row? I know intuitively that this I understand the pattern correctly but just want to be sure there isn't a typo in the pattern.
Q2: Do I do the increase 1 st in from the edge like most patterns call for?
Q3: How do I maintain the rib pattern after the increase?

Thanks in advance for your help.


May 26th

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site downtime

I was trying to upgrade the site, botched it, and my web host deleted the backup, so we're working with a file system restore from last sunday. The database is in tact, so no new posts or blog entries should be affected. There may be some images or uploaded files that're gone, but we'll see what more I can piece together.

I'm going to try a different approach with the upgrade and setup a new drupal5 installation and import the database in to the new one, rather than going the upgrade route.

This shouldn't result in more site downtime, but please bear with me with any additional inconsistencies the site may experience.



May 23rd

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new chat room

Because the previous chat module left many, many... many things to be desired, I've decided to go with a hosted chat solution, Web 2.0 style, from Lingr. It's pretty intuitive, but here are two useful tips on using it:

- You'll have to enter a chat nickname when you arrive
- To send someone a private message, just click their name

Everything else was pretty obvious to me, but check out their help section or just shoot me a message if you have any trouble using it.


May 22nd

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avoiding "Your post has been queued for moderation"

Any clues as to what is triggering this Darrel? Things we should avoid?

May 18th

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this is a brilliant series...

I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

...many of the pictures would make great fabric prints.


May 9th

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Eye candy-hats

check out these AMAZING hats!!!!

astonishingly inventive...

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Thanks to the NY knitters

Thanks for ths shopping tips. I happened upon a great, small knitting, coffee and cake shop at 37a Bedford street called 'The Point'. There was a great selection of wool and lots of helpful tips. I was helped out by Josh Bennett who's written a new book of men's patterns and it's out next year called 'Boy Meets Purl'. Keep your eyes open.


May 7th

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Knitting in New York

Dear Knitters,

I've been working in Washington DC and enjoyed the delights of 'Stitch' in Georgetown. I'm now joined by my other half and we're in New York and I was wondering what your recommendations are for a london knitter like me? I'm only here for a few days and I'd like to get some yarn before I fly home.

Happy knitting all,


April 28th

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Crocheted steek

I have just knitted a little sweater with merino wool and am interested in chrocheting the steek instead of sewing before cutting. Haven't much experience with merino and it seems slippery to me. Have any of you guys done this successfully?? Thank you in advance.