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Photo lighting help

a couple of us had been talking about ways to get better photos of our work on the cheap.

This tutorial for a DIY light tent was posted on and I thought some of you might like to see.

DIY $10 Macro Photo Studio

I made something along this line with a sheet clipped to an empty picture frame suspended horizontally for a museum gift shop website, and the pics always turned out very well.

I also used a very similar set up with a pillowcase clipped in a hanging file frame.

Homemade Light Tent

Here's some pics i took for the museum website. There is some photoshop work involved in these, but not much.


I'm contemplating getting a swift and maybe a ball winder since I've got quite a bit of yarn that is in hanks and it's becomming a pain in the butt to try and hold the hank and wind by hand. Especially with a small dog that apparently has enough cat in him to want to play with the yarn.

Yes, I've seen everything from tinkertoys to lampshades being used as substitute swifts, but I'm wondering how many of you guys have swifts and if you find it easier to work with the umbrella types or the tabletop ones?