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March 28th

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Local Yarn Shops

Since we are on the subject of local yarn shops, do any of you have suggestions for a LYS in the Knoxville, TN area?

March 25th

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Vest Patern

Hello All.

I just turned the heal on one sock and am already looking forward to my next project. (cause I don’t have enough yarn in my stash as it is) I was in Seaport Yarns with my girlf and her mother and saw a very nice vest pattern that I may get at some point.

My question is this: who amongst us has knit a vest; was it "fun", satisfying or boring; what pattern did you use/not use and would you recommend the project?

Thanks for your help in advance

Bronx Knits.

BTW: Seaport Yarns is an astounding place, if you get the chance to go I can only recommend it. Just remember to bring cash or check, they do not accept credit cards. BK

March 15th

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Poor books

as long as we're discussing books...don't be tempted with "Knitty Gritty Knits" by Vickie Howell...jumbled layout, simplistic projects...

and "Knitprovisation" by Cilla Ramnek...full of the ugliest re-worked knit/crochet projects I've ever seen!!!!!

March 13th

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Hello Y'all

Long time reader, first time poster. My Girlfriend got me into knitting when she decided I needed a healthy and constructive outlet for my holiday stress this past Christmas; as such I have been knitting since 12/28/06. I have completed some projects ( and would love some feed-back.

I am currently working on my first sock, and I have strategic yarn reserves that I have been coached to call my "stash".

I am glad to be here.

Knitting in the Bronx

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Knitting Software?

Does anyone have any experience with any knitting design software? I'm mainly looking for something to help with charting out color work for intarsia and fair isle.

I've found a neat little package that has a free demo, Stitch & Motif Maker, but $90 US seems kind of steep for what it does.

Does anyone know of any other options?

March 12th

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MWK and html

a lot fo online forums do not allow html tags (or don't recognize them or don't process them - however you want to say it). MWK does. at least for links, italics, bold, underline, strikeout -- the basic stuff.

Which I find FANTASTIC! It's a lot easier for me to type the tags in as I go then have to hightlight and click - or remember that I have to use different brackets -- and differrent code for links, etc.

March 11th

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Photo lighting help

a couple of us had been talking about ways to get better photos of our work on the cheap.

This tutorial for a DIY light tent was posted on and I thought some of you might like to see.

DIY $10 Macro Photo Studio

I made something along this line with a sheet clipped to an empty picture frame suspended horizontally for a museum gift shop website, and the pics always turned out very well.

I also used a very similar set up with a pillowcase clipped in a hanging file frame.

Homemade Light Tent

Here's some pics i took for the museum website. There is some photoshop work involved in these, but not much.


I'm contemplating getting a swift and maybe a ball winder since I've got quite a bit of yarn that is in hanks and it's becomming a pain in the butt to try and hold the hank and wind by hand. Especially with a small dog that apparently has enough cat in him to want to play with the yarn.

Yes, I've seen everything from tinkertoys to lampshades being used as substitute swifts, but I'm wondering how many of you guys have swifts and if you find it easier to work with the umbrella types or the tabletop ones?


March 7th

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speaking of toe-up socks....

i'm doing the universal toe-up from knitty, which has you do the short-row toe and then repeat the short-row toe for the heel. i did the heel last night and everything went fine until I got to that last wrapped purl from the prior row when you go back to working in the round. I remembered I wasn't sure how to address it in the toe since the wraps were on the right and really far down, but it seemed to work out (at least I guess), but in the heel, when I tried to pull up the wraps and knit them, I wound up with a ginormous hole right there that was not present on the opposite side.... i know i could pick up a stitch and decrease in the following round, but i think the hole is actually from the way i'm doing the wraps and might not be fixed by that method... any ideas?


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"Recent Posts" button

I've been a member of this list from the very beginning...and used to spend hours backtracking through the list to read new messages...
I only recently discovered the "Recent Posts" button over in the left column...!

What a timesaver!!!
Thank you Darryl!!!