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December 12th

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How would you do this?

I found this scarf somewhere, don't remember where now. and thought it looked cool. I know it's knit, and that's all I know. It looks like maybe some drop stitches?

December 7th

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Howdy folks!

December 6th

MMarios FSL Shawl Questions

Never did one before. Yes...there are mistakes but I hope I concealed them well.

As a general rule ---- and I know it depends on the yarn, tension etc....but when will I know I am done?

December 2nd

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Great Knitting Related Video

I'm sure a lot of you guys have seen this one before, but for those who haven't this is a very amusing guy knitting video.

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Anyone know how to cable-knit the elder futhark runes??

Anyone know how to cable-knit the elder futhark runes??
i know someone has them in a book, viking knits or something like that.
i just dont know if i actually wanna buy the book yet.

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Here's to You Men Who Knit!

I’m about as new to Men Who Knit as I am to knitting itself. I have to say so far I am enjoying both very much.