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November 20th

patterns for super new

I was wondering if anyone might have any super simple patterns for the new knitter.

November 19th

Silly Question #2 - Border Crochet

Alrighty, I realized yesterday that I taught myself to knit 16 yrs ago or so, but have only made a scarf and a blanket. So I really am a beginner!

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Help, please

One of the first projects I ever knitted was a shawl, straight knit stitch, basic decreases. I love how it came out.

November 14th

Silly Question #1 -- S2KP

I want to start MMario's Faux Spanish Lace Shawl.

I saw SKP (I think) on Knitting Help. I need visuals so I watched it.

Knit one, Pour two

Hey, this is just a shout out to those in the Raleigh/Durham (NC) area...

November 12th

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Gauges and Tension

I have a TON of trouble with gauges. Specifically, I'll make a swatch and do the calculations, but the finished product is completely off.

November 10th

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Seaming up ribbing.

Hi Knitting Mentors,

I need your help. I probably can think this one out, but I just don't have the time. It's a badly written pattern.

November 7th

Stupid Questions and Observations


November 6th

I Knit London

Hey guys,
Having just returned to London I wonder how many of you go to
I Knit. The Wednesday booze nights or the Friday guys night. Let me know, please.

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Knit (K)night Near Atlanta Y'all

Anybody that browses here, and lives near Atlanta, GA there is a LYS in Woodstock (about 25 miles north of downtown) that has an evening for knitters to get together once a week and knit, swap stories