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October 10th

Vintage Yellow....stuff...

So, I found a cone of this...'stuff' at Durham's Scrap Exchange, a place where you can get all kinds of random junk and use it creatively.

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Lambs Pride "Loden Leaf"?

I have a friend who needs a few skeins of Lambs Pride "Loden Leaf"? ...apparently it's been discontinued. ...can anybody help?

October 8th

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Hello from another new member

Hello everyone!
I feel like I'm a misfit toy who has found a place where I belong. LOL.

October 7th

Mermaid pattern?

So my roommate is a mermaid fanatic, and I want to make her something nice for Christmas...does anyone know of a mermaid (doll) pattern out there?

October 5th

Cleaning Fleece?

I bought some fleece...washed it etc. I started carding (I am new to all this)...and I want to do you clean out the small small bits of straw?

Any guys in the Raleigh / Durham / Chapel Hill NC area?

Hey, I just recently moved up to the tri-city region of North Carolina to take a job as an actor.

October 4th


Just wanted to say hello. Stumbled across the site and am glad I found it. I hope to learn and advance from my VERY basic status...and meet nice people too.

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Picture handling

posted this in response to someone else's comment - but:

There is a free program out there called Irfanview that converts, crops, resizes, etc pictures. Very handy, very easy to use.

October 1st

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a tattoo to go with the Yarnnn T shirt

this would be wonderful with the Yarnnn T shirt!