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October 20th

bulky yarn hat pattern

Hi everyone. Just joined. I'm 29 years old, from Toronto ON, and I've been knitting for a year.

October 19th

Question for the experts! Shawls

I never managed to get past the knit/purl/casting on/binding off level.

October 18th

Heel turn on socks

Hi all,

October 17th

zephyr's picture

quick question

I am working on a scarf, and I've been ribbing the whole thing. Now that I'm about halfway done, I'm thinking that I want the first several inches to be done in garter stitch, rather than ribs.

October 16th

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Pattern for boxers

Hey, just wondering if anyone knows of a pattern for boxers (or any other guys underwear, actually)? Been looking around and haven't really seen anything...

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Member List

Hey guys! Just wanted to let y'all know that we finally have a functional member list again. Hooray! You'll see it linked up in the top menu bar. Enjoy!

October 15th

Well she is---

The ALL new, 2008, ES, LE, SE, LTD...6 cyl, automatic...........KROMSKI SYMPHONY!

October 13th

Okay, So How Do You Really Use A Gauge?

I know how to make a swatch, and count the stitches and the rows, so that's not a problem.

October 12th

Deleting pics

This may already be up here somewhere, but does anyone know how to delete photos that we've uploaded? I accidentlly uploaded the same one three times...oops!

October 11th

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Hello fellow knitters,