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December 15th

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Kilt socks

...finished my Kilt socks a week ago...and wore them last night to a big Christmas dinner. They're knitted of a double strand of merino wool...#5 & #6 own adaptation of a basic sock pattern... took a while to get the stitch count so the cables wouldn't be too streched out at the calf...
..there are decreases at center back which make nice chevrons of the cables...
This is my second pair... knitted a pair for my son for last Christmas and liked them so much I did a pair for me... just started a grey alpaca pair for me, yesterday...they may not wear as well...but they feel great while knitting...

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(this is copied from the new Lacis newsletter)
Now that lace knitting is coming into its own, American knitters are discovering a whole new world of lace knitting publications. Many are dismayed to find that some of the most beautiful patterns are written in German, Danish, Italian, Estonian and other non-English languages. Kaethe Kliot and her husband Jules were an important force in preserving many wonderful German patterns for kunststricken ("art knitting") and making them available to English-speaking knitters, and over the years and Lacis has become well known as a source for hard-to-find lace publications, as well as tiny needles and fine yarns and threads, so we at Lacis feel a special connection to this particular art form.

Now we are pleased to offer a wonderful resource for those who want to explore these patterns but have been impeded by the language barrier. The revised version of KNITTING LANGUAGES by Margaret Heathman is just the thing we all need. It gives bilingual lists of knitting and color terms that translate into U.S. English from Danish, British English, Estonian, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish (as well as reverse lists that translate from U.S. English into those languages). In addition, there is a very helpful explanation of the various ways patterns are presented in various countries. Even though there's not a single pattern in it, this is the best addition to my lace knitting basket in a very long time.

December 13th

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is there any way you can resize the afghan pictures?
I have to scroll all the articles on this page because the afghan pictures are so large...
I use a Mac & Safari...


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is there any way you can resize the afghan pictures?
I have to scroll all the articles on this page because the afghan pictures are so large...
I use a Mac & Safari...


December 9th

Knitting with one hand?

I work in an after school program. A young girl there wants to learn how to knit, but wears a prosthetic hand. (I think it's the left.) Does anyone know how I can teach her to knit?

December 7th

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Any Bi-lingual Knitters?

Tonight I am teacing my first bi-lingual knitting class. Mi espanol es muy Basic, but I have a worksheet with basic terms & whatnot from a back-issue Knit.1.

I was wondering if anyone knew of links to other resources/websites I can give to mis estudiantes.

Aside from a few Japanese pattern sites, I have never really thought about foreign patterns, but I am sure they have to be out there.

Since I am teaching in Texas, it would brobably be a good idea for me to brush up on knitting en espanol. Anyone know if spanish pattern books can be ordered on-line?

Sweater Sizing

I am about to knit a sweater for myself, my very first "big project"! I like Lucky from, but the size small pattern calls for a 40" finished chest. That means I either need to gain 10" in my chest or resize the sweater. I'm thinking the latter would be easier and less work.

How do I alter the pattern so I don't make a sweater I can drown in? Additionally, how do I figure out how much yarn I'm going to need? I already bought the yarn (it was on sale for half-price and couldn't pass up the deal) and I'm not entirely convinced I have enough, even if I make the sweater smaller. Right now I have about 850 yards of Mission Falls 1824 Wool, color #18 (spruce) and another 170 yards of color #6 (oatmeal).

If I've been hitting the gym, my measurements are about 30" chest, 17" torso, 24-25" waist, and about 20" long arms. I knit a stockinette swatch and got about 18-19 st/4".

December 3rd

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I just returned to my home in Mexico and brought along 1200 yeards of laceweight yarn. Do you have a favourite pattern on the internet or suggestions. I would really appreciate your help. Thanks guys.

November 29th

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How about a Secret Knitting Santa?

The idea of a knitting buddy got me thinking (a very dangerous thing!)

Here's an idea. What if we exchanged names and everyone sent another person a $15.00 (USD appropriately converted of course) knitting item (yarn, needles, notions, etc.) as sort of a holiday gift exchange?

I'd be willing to coordinate. Just send me an email with the following information with your name and address. Also, let me know if you'd be willing to send your parcel out of the country.

I'll match folks up (staying within the country when possible) and send you the address of your Secret Santa. You decide what your gift will be, bundle it up and ship it off to your happy recipient.

Anyone game?

November 18th

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alternate bind-off in place of larger needles

hi everyone!

i saw a post here about doing something instead of casting off on a needle size larger, something slip k2tog maybe.... i can't find the post, probably blind, but anyone know?

thanks! :)