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Oh Good Grief! How Did I Do this?

I am a little puzzled. I've been knitting on this scarf. I cast on 14 stitches. I've been knitting along and noticed that the scarf has gotten wider.

I started with 14 stitches and now I somehow have 22. How did I manage to do this?

Geez, and I thought I was doing so much better. This stuff is harder than I thought, or I am dumber than I thought.

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Too Tight On The Needle

I am working on my first project. It's just a simple garter stitch scarf using super bulky yarn and US size 17 needles.

Whether on this project or on my practice piece (medium worsted on US size 10 needles), the loops on the needle get tight and it's hard to slide the piece along the needle or to work the right needle into the loop to make the next knit stitch..

What am I doing wrong here?