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August 30th

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WYSISYG is back!  I've installed TinyMCE and it's available for all to use. Safari and Opera compatibility is limited, so if you are a Mac or Opera user, your best best is to use Firefox or disable the Rich Text Editor in your user profile. Underneath each textarea, you can also disable rich text editing on the fly.

One of the nice things is that you can easily insert images in to your entries, not just as attachments.  Here's my suggestion on how best to do this:
1. Open a free Flickr account at
2. Upload the image you want to insert to Flickr

August 26th

Misconceptions Of The New Male Knitter

This will be my first posting, and I am so excited to begin classes to learn how to knit. Doing a bit of research on the subject within my circle of friend's here in the bay area, I found out people are under many misconceptions on the hobby itself.

1.) "Hey I'm not 60 years old drinking ice tea in
a retirement home somewhere!"

- I have found a huge sub-category of youth and
adults that are serious knitting freaks. I own at least
3 homemade scarves, 2 wool caps and a pair of mittens
made from some good friends in there 20's. Actually
it has become quite the fad in Burning Man circles here

August 23rd

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Men Who Knit Upgrade


It is with great pleasure and a sigh of relief that I annouce that the software which powers Men Who Knit, Drupal, has been upgraded to its latest revision.

The only thing which is currently lacking from the previous site are the weblinks. That section of Drupal was completely rewritten and will take a bit of work to restore, but it should be done soon.

Some new features are the ability to syndicate parts of the site, such as your blog or message forums. We can also bring in content from other sites via RSS, so if you know of some good content available via this method, let me know!

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Configuration changes

I made some changes to the web server to enable "Clean URLs" which you'll notice result in a much prettier looking URL in your address bar once you make your first click after logging in. This makes it easier to forward links to others, as well as making the site more search-engine friendly.

I've done some minimal testing and haven't come across any errors yet, but please send me a message if you experience any weirdness (e.g. pages not found) while using the site.

I'm also planning to upgrade the software the site runs on, but have been reading some horror stories of the process, so I'm taking time to plan things accordingly to minimize any downtime.



Entrelac, how do I do this??????????

It looks so cool. How do i do it.
I've started a project but it's not coming out right. I got some Nora yarn which is not cheap so don't want to waste it!
Gabriel got me started on this but he's away on vacation now.

August 20th

Knitting Community Project :-)

Hi all!  I am new to this message board, but over the past few days I have read practically all the posts and it was truly wonderful to see how warm, helpful and friendly everyone was.  Let me tell you all a little about myself – my name is Joe and I am a 19-year-old sophomore at Villanova University.  I have only been knitting for about a year or so, but I have learned quickly and I have been knitting up great projects left and right.  I am a very creative person who loves to paint, sketch, sew and design.  After Villanova I hope to get my bachelors in Fashion Design.  Knitting, much to my initial surprise, has opened up a whole new world of creativity to me…if you can knit and purl you can create endless garments and patterns.  It is mind boggling to me that with the simplest of tools – essentially 2 sticks and string – one can create imaginative, complex, and stunning apparel. 

What strikes me most about knitting, however, is the tight knit (no pun intended) community of knitters.  In a world full of hostility, violence and despair we can still all find common ground through a simple craft that brings us all together.  Knitters share experiences that bind them together across the world – individuals young and old, male and female, rich and poor.  Language, race, gender and cultural barriers are broken down with this common bond.  It truly impresses me and I’m honored that I can share in this tradition with such great people. 

Last night as I was falling asleep a wonderful, rousing idea struck me.  As a knitter, I know just how many skimpy skeins of yarn I have lying around in the corners of my dorm, my closet and even my car – not even enough to make a knit cap!  After recently becoming inspired by a variety of patchwork quilts I have seen online, in books and in the city I thought it would be a fabulous idea to beseech all of you to knit up 4”x4” swatches of yarn, send them to me and I will seam them into a wonderful afghan representing the entire community of knitters.  How long would it take to knit a simple patch?  Minutes.  However, what a fabulous challenge for each knitter to express themselves as an individual in a 4”x4” swatch.  Use whatever yarn/materials/embellishments you wish.  It will be a dynamic piece of you that is unique from anyone who has ever knit before you.  The finished afghan (or perhaps 2 or 3 depending on the number of swatches received) would be a stunning arrangement reflecting the diversity and talent of our community.  This project would be a wonderful way for each of you to showcase your skills and to keep what some deem a “dying craft” alive and thriving.  Please email me at for the mailing address where your piece can be sent.  I will personally reply ASAP.  Once the project is done pictures will be sent to all of you and put on message boards – you can see what became of your swatch and take joy in seeing how it works in harmony with the others from knitters just like you!  Thank you all so much and I can’t wait to get started on this project!  ~Joe

August 19th

Chat Box

Just wondering does anyone ever use it? Every time I look it says it's empty. Also I wonder who all the guests are each time I log on there are always a few. Do any join? Must do, that's how I joined!

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Starting a Knitting Group

Barry mentioned in another post that he may give up trying to start a knitting group due a lack of response.

I think that statement is a good starting point for another discussion - How does one start a knitting group?

Like any grassroots community organizational effort, you gotta spread the word! Within a week of learning to cast-on, I started Men Who Knit. I posted ads on Craigslist and other knitting message boards, wherever I could find an audience.

On the local scale, I'd suggest contacting your local yarn stores and asking if they'd be willing to put up a flyer, place small cards on their counter, or anything of that nature to publicize your efforts.

On your marketing collateral, make sure to welcome beginners and the curious. Teaching someone to knit isn't difficult and imparting instruction only serves to build a lasting impression with those you assist, as well as serving your efforts to build a group.

If you see another knitting group advertised, contact them and see if any of them would be interested in getting together at a different time. There was a point when HMAlbert and I were hitting up 3 a week. We found that most people frequented multiple groups.

Knit in public and always have an extra ball of yarn and some needles on you. When the curious approach, ask if they've got a few minutes and offer to teach them a few things. If they don't have time, pass on your email address and suggest getting together at a later date.

Contact seemingly unrelated groups of people and pitch knitting as something that might augment their current activities. The yoga/meditation crowd is a prime example of this. Quite a few books have been written linking knitting to spiritual or mind-body practices. Target a flyer to the group you're trying to attract and cite references which appeal to them.

I'm sure others have good ideas, too... Let's hear 'em!

August 17th

Yarn Coucil classes

Knitting/Crocheting Class sheduled at FIT

Craft Yarn Council's Certified Instructor program
Sept 9-11, 2005
Friday 6-9pm
Saturday 9am-5pm
Sunday 10am-3pm
Fashion Institute of Technology
7th Avenue @ 27th Street
cost $125

I'm hoping to be there!

August 16th

Men's Issues

Hi boys,
Did you know that the current issue of is all guys stuff? John from The Point has a design in there.
Also the knitting magazine put out by Vogue knit:1 is publishing a men's issue in Novenmber.