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September 13th, 2014

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Yesterday's Shop Tour

Morning All,

September 12th

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helical knitting... some help, please?

ok, so i'm making some worsted weight socks, using #6 needles... 2 at a time, toe up, on 2 circs method...

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Magnus the Mouse

Here is Magnus the Mouse from Arne & Carlos book, Knit-and-crochet Garden. Its really fun to make these mice :D!

September 11th

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Looking for these stitch markers

A number of years back, I purchased these stitch markers. I think they came in a pack with different sizes in it. The markers on the left are soft and rubbery; the ones on the right are hard plastic. I like these the very best because they are thin enough not to create any gaps in the work and they don't hang down and get caught in the strands.

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Selbu Mittens

Hello guys!

September 8th

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Just starting out

Seems joined a few year ago intending to learn but here I am waiting on yarn and knitting needles coming in the post tomorrow. I'm looking forward to getting to learn the basics and thought it would be something to help the evenings pass by. Lovely sunny weather here in England right now, so hopefully by the time winter arrives I'll have at least a scarf ready !

September 7th

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Mock Kilting Stitch Prayer Shawl

I was intrigued by the mock kilting stitch, so I played around and tried it in a prayer shawl for my church. Love the depth and texture to the fabric, as well as the drape. I doubt that I will block this one as I fear the steam might kill the texture.


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Latest completed projects

I've not done an update lately. A busy summer and first few weeks of college starting. But, hey, we set new records for the college bookstore, so that's a good thing.

September 6th

Fair Isle....Bright and Bold !

An extravagant and generous friend gave me a gift of the the entire 150 color Knit Picks "Palette" Wool Collection. It truly is a palette of colors to use in my love of fair isle knitting. My usual preference is for darker, muted, or heathered colors, but for my first project I decided to step it up a bit and chose sixteen of the brightest colors.

September 4th

Spiral Rib "Illusion" Socks

When spiral ribbing is worked with striped yarn, an interesting illusion is created: diamond zig-zags appear! The perfect yarn for this technique is KnitPicks "Felici"..... the color contrasts are bold and the stripes are broad and even. The color "Foxglove" was used for these socks. Spiral knitting is best worked on a circular needle, as the stitches "travel" as you knit round and round.