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April 21st


Metallic yarn

Hey guys I got some metallic yarn at discount place. Its really neat. Simmers like diamonds. I have one in a dark black and one in light colour. The other is more copper, not much sparkle. I have been brain storming what to do with them. I thought the black would make a great net wrap. However its rather ruff (even for my my mans skin) I would be great for a art piece as well.

April 19th

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Haven't posted anything for for a while

I haven't posted anything for a while, but I finished something and it's the first thing that I actually followed a pattern to do recently. I started it before Christmas with the intention to gift it, but I wore thin and put it away and cringed every time I saw it. I felt like a criminal neglecting it. Well I finally picked it up 2 weeks ago and thought that I'd share it with the community.

April 18th

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Okay, gonna take the plunge and try knitting some socks! I'm asking for input as to yarns, needles, patterns and heels techniques. Oh, and dpns, or magic loop?

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There are projects that require a certain level of focus above and beyond “normal” knitting. Beginning those projects is always easy. The excitement of choosing the intricate pattern and finding the perfect yarn carry over in to the first stitch. The project always moves along quickly for a while, but then, life tends to creep in.

April 15th

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Knitters, The Hidden Menace

A look into the dark and disturbing history of the Tree Huggers Project in Iowa City and the Yarn Bombers behind it.

April 14th

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This weekend I had the great fortune to take a class with Stephen West and his friend Ragga. They were fantastic!!! The class was called RagaWest Idea Tank.

I was at the Fancy Tiger in Denver a while back and they told me about the class coming up. I signed up immediately. The last one sold out before I even heard of it so I wanted to make sure I got a seat.

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Knitter's Block

I have to confess, there is a small piece of knitting that I would rather do without. I will spend months hand spinning yarn, choosing the perfect pattern and slaving over the insanely detailed instructions to produce an heirloom quality piece of work.

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Taksim Park Yarn Bombing Video

Our yarnbombing was a great success. Here's a link to photos I took there:

The local TV station ATV also came and talked with us.

Our section is at just about 1:00 on the clip.

April 13th

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Rocky Mountain Men's Knitting Retreat

Hey guys -

According to the Ravelry forum on knitting retreats , there are still quite a few slots open for the Men's Retreat in Allenspark, CO [just up the mountain from Estes Park] for July 18 - 21, 2013.

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Magic Mosaic Afghan

For my next project, I want to tackle Barbara Walker's magic mosaic afghan. I love mosaic tiles in general and would love to see it in a blanket. My issue is on how much yarn to buy (so that I'm using the same lot numbers.) There's no indication in the book and when I research online, I haven't found an answer. Has anyone completed this project?