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Latest Afghan

My nephew has been begging me for years now to make him an afghan. Well, I had other projects I had started and needed to finish before starting anything else. I was finally able to start on his afghan in March and this is the final product. I'm going to make him suffer a while longer and give it to him in August as a birthday present. One nephew down and two nieces and two nephews to go.

May 31st

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Spinning and Some True Friends


May 30th

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Cute story I thought we'd all enjoy!

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Scarf pattern...any ideas?

Dear knitting friends,

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I have few rolls of ribbon in my stash 2 in one color 1 in another and was wondering does anyone know what small project could be done with them?

May 29th

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FO Cowl and Pattern

Hey all,

I'm going to be teaching a beginning knit class, and the LYS preferred a project-based class, so I whipped up this cowl and a pattern for it (which is on ravelry).

May 27th

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Sunny Brethren

HunterBrethren (18)

May 26th

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Heliotaxis Pi Shawl

Well guys, I've finished my heliotaxis pi shawl. I'm going to give you a teaser picture here but if you'd like to see the whole process, go check it out at my blog!

May 24th

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Infinity Knitting Unravel commercial

I'm sure this commercial is much more meaningful to knitters than it is to a non-knitter who is in the market for obscenely expensive cars.

May 23rd

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Shoulder Shaping Question

Hi...time for another question re harrison vest pattern...

I am at the section where I am shaping the shoulders, and I keep ending up with six 'extra' stitches when i am completing the first side, reversing shaping...
Here is what it says:
(parenthesis my comments)