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The Joy of Socks

OK, since Thunderhorse54 has gone there, when you sock-stitchers "rock out with your sock out," what are your socks-ual preferences? Are you a hardcore "top-down daddy," or an insouciant "toe-up twinkster"? Or do you swing both ways? Or something else? (Neither from top or toe but sideways?) None of the above: perhaps you are a-socks-ual?

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Knitting socks

Well, I started knitting socks, from the top down for my first pair. I am using the magic loop method. However, I hate, hate, hate doing the traditional slip stitch heel. I hope there's a different method out there for when I try the next pair. And where do I find the brilliant colors used by Crafty Andy and others? I don't find anything like that around here.

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Just thought some would like this pic