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July 12th

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A New Hat Project

Thought I would step out of my comfort zone and try some fun cabling. Color coding the patterns seems like a wise thing to do. Time will tell.

July 11th

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Ribbons, The Tour, But Not Related (a cross post from my blog)

First let us discuss the ribbons. Do you remember this?

July 9th

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BT Men Vol 1

Just love Brooklyn Tweed's Men Vol 1. I see several projects I'll need to complete. Love Jared's & his friends designs.


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Finished Vest

Just finished the vest I have been working on. It's a nice moss green. Light enough to wear during the summer - at least in San Francisco where our summers can be a little cooler than the rest of the country. It'll look nice with a white t-shirt, or even a dress shirt. Thanks to those who helped when I couldn't figure out the pattern. As with most projects, I learned a lot!

July 8th

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Blocking Question

I blocked the sweater I made and, simply put, it grew! If I reblock it and reshape it by pushing the yarn tighter together and pinning it, should it then stay put? The arms did grow a few inches more that I had wanted and if I can't make is smaller by reblocking it, then I can always rip out a few inches and redo the last few inches.

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Well, deep subject, finally am settled down to the significant business of becoming a legitimate knitter and putting in the due diligence. always one needs tools. OK, I need some serious input about DPN's because I want to be able to do socks, hats, and fingerless gloves. Maybe even ones with fingers sometime.


July 6th

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And He's Still At It


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Kirrmaier II

Morning All,

July 4th

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Back with the needles

Good morning gentlemen,
I'm back with needles and yarn in my hands. The error of my ways was made clear to me from a fellow member on here, PHEW! The kind and caring words made me see the light.

I've found a knitting group, Seneca Falls Knitting Club. While composed of women until this point, they welcomed me.

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Odinn by Ragga Eiríksdóttir

Odinn Sweater (11)