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June 13th

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An Unexpected Lesson (Cross Post from

In this morning's catching up with the computer an email made me realize that I should have cross posted this item over here on menwhoknit. It's been a rocky couple of days and I should have done this from the start but when I posted this my mind was elsewhere. So, with all that said, I hope this helps a few of the knitters here:

June 12th


Fall knitting retreat.

Well guys I signed up for my very first mens knitting retreat. I am looking forward to it. Its in November so that will be a great time. I hope they have a fire place were good company and knitting will take place with plenty of good fellowship

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Posting Error Message

When I post replies recently, I get an error message yet it still posts. Any ideas why?

See attached for screen capture of error message.

June 11th

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Knitting Soldiers

I thought some of you may get a kick out of this story.


June 10th

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Been a while:

I haven't been on here in a LONG while. I started working and stopped having time to blog. For the most part it was either knit or blog, and knitting won. But now I'm here. Most of the work I've done since I was on here last I either sold, or gave away as gifts. I made 1 sock, and gave up on the second. Mostly what I've enjoyed doing is creating fun beanies for my nephews.

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Knitting in High Humidity

Any advice for knitting in high humidity? Yarn recommendations? cheap acrylic gets unmanageable (*hears Bill snickering in the background).

June 8th

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Pink Brethren

PinkBrethren (5)
Here is another sock finished and another is started. YOu don't want to get second sock syndrome lol

June 4th

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Colour by Crafty Andy

Handdyejune2013 (3)
Whenever I can't find the colors I want I dare to overdye. The yarn below is the same yarn as the yellow socks.

June 3rd

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Pottery Experimentation on making a Rainbow Yarn Bowl

Thought some here might be interested in the new design I'm working on...
It's all in my
blog post at