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June 19th

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New circ needles

I got an email today from NordicMart announcing their new Drops Pro nickel-plated circular needles. (NordicMart is the American distributor of Drops products.) I haven't tried the needles -- they look like Addi Turbo knockoffs. Great prices beginning under $5 per set... plus they sent me a coupon code that lowers it to under $4.

June 18th


HELP... having difficulty with my circle knitting

Hey guys, I am trying to knit a Stephen West cowl for this winter. Only issue is I have started this over 3 times! Reason twisting. On larger circular needles(29 inches +) I do ok for the first few rows. Then all of a sudden on rows 5 and 6 I suddenly have a twist. Is there something I am doing wrong.

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My Boneyard

Several months ago, in mid-winter, I knit Stephen West's "Boneyard". I had spun some wool on my drop spindle which was very softly spun. Normally, I like a yarn that is quite firm and has good definition. But I've been working lately with spinning much softer yarn with less twist. It is not easy! I wanted just enough twist to hold the fibres together, and just only.

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current projects

I am doing my first tubular cast-on for Jared Flood's Eternity Cardigan. Aptly named since that is about how long this will take me to knit. I cast on 165 stitches which then doubled to 329. At my rate of speed I'll be knitting two rows a day. Increases were done by picking up the bars between stitches -- a method that always ends up with very tight stitches when I do it.

June 17th

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"afghan" = bedspread

A few days ago, I mentioned an afghan that became a bedspread as part of my comment on Quinton's excellent post about how to say "No" when asked to knit something.

Nehkhasi said he'd like to read about, my friend, this is for you:

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Scarf progress...and wooly plants

Dear Chums,

June 16th

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Pink Brethren Finished

PinkBrethren (14)

June 13th

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Kelp Grove

I really loved the pics that AKQGuy posted of his design, so it inspired me to try lace knitting for the first time. I downloaded the Kelp Grove pattern from his blog.