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May 4th

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I knit plain socks, like those pictured, when I am watching TV, listening to a book, or travelling. I love the fact that they are mindless and sometimes I have the heel turned and don't remember doing it. They are the form of relaxation that I turn to often. I made these six pairs since Christmas and most of them will be given away as birthday presents this month and next.

May 3rd

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Socks Seem to be the Thing

Well it's a snowy day in May here in Minnesota. It's like mother nature is whispering, "Take it easy. Stay in. Knit." I don't really need the encouragement, as I rarely go out and about as it is... unless it is to the yarn shop, which I haven't ruled out as a possibility today.

May 2nd

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Yarn Bowls

Hello Gentlemen,

I'm a potter who makes yarn bowls. I've been selling them to women but haven't yet to a male.
This makes me wonder if I need to market them differently.

So I have a few questions, that if you guys feel like answering, that would be of tremendous help.

1. Have you heard of yarn bowls before now?
2. Have you ever used a yarn bowl?

May 1st

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Simple Hat - Sock Yarn

I thought I'd get acclimated to sock yarn finally. It is so delicate when compared to worsted and bulky weights. This is a stocking hat that my brother wanted me to make. It's nothing special, but it will fit his head closely which is what he wants. He is in southern CA, so he wanted lightweight. I thought this was a good opportunity to try my hand with sock weight.



Yesterday at lunch break I hit two of the yarn shops here in my city. I got some really nice koigu with bright orange. I've enough left of the alpaca to do the toes in the bright red. (see the attachments)