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May 9th

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Finally finished !

After about four years I've finally finished this Shetland shawl. The pattern is A Knitted Veil from Victorian Lace Today, the yarn is a natural coloured laceweight wool from the Melanian Sheepgrowers in Western Australia, it measured out at 70cm x 207cm.

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Holy Blog Batman!!!

I'm not sure what has happened in the past few days, but my blog ( has caught fire!!!! A bunch of Ravelers started sharing my posts in forums and I have been seeing tremendous traffic! I love it!!! Thanks for allowing my to explode my excitement all over your day. :)

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Taxonomy of Knitters

Knitters are an important genus within the hominidae family. Although much work has been done to describe the various species within the genus, some work remains to do. Here I hope to describe a few of the more common species' characteristics and introduce the uninitiated to some of the lesser known varieties.

May 8th

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Medici by Woolly Wormhead

MediciHat (1)
One of my first knitted hats was by Woolly Wormheads and they were in the flat. This one is not.

May 6th

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Ripening Yarn

Yarn is like a fine wine. While it can be used immediately upon production, the best yarn goes through a process known as ripening.

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Time to stop!

After forty-years of knitting, I used to consider myself a more than competent knitter. After seeing so many of the projects from these men, I guess I was very, very wrong. It might be time to stop. I don't think I'll ever reach the level of expertise to knit socks and lace shawls. Knit On gentlemen. I'm putting my needles away.

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New Sweater

Just finished a yoked sweater I made following Meg Swansen's recipe. I used Jamieson and Smith 2 ply Jumper Weight Shetland wool and 3.25mm needles. When Elizabeth Zimmermann said it was difficult not to add a colour pattern in the decreases, she was right and I used my "Traditional Fair Isle Knitting" by Sheila McGregor to add some interest.

May 5th

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Feather & Fan Top Socks

These feather & fan top socks are knit from Dragonfly Fibers 100% Superwash Merino, colorway: Winter Woods. Based on this free Ravelry pattern:

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Boye Interchangeable Needles

I've have these Boye Interchangeable Needles and I have a problem with them and I'm wondering has anyone else experienced the same thing. I use them maybe once and the sleeve where the cord and needles connect inevitably bend outwardly creating a sort of beveling which catches the yarn as it's supposed to slide smoothly as I'm knitting. I've used the US 6, to US 10.5 all with the same results.