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April 14th

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Knitter's Block

I have to confess, there is a small piece of knitting that I would rather do without. I will spend months hand spinning yarn, choosing the perfect pattern and slaving over the insanely detailed instructions to produce an heirloom quality piece of work.

April 13th

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Taksim Park Yarn Bombing Video

Our yarnbombing was a great success. Here's a link to photos I took there:

The local TV station ATV also came and talked with us.

Our section is at just about 1:00 on the clip.

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Rocky Mountain Men's Knitting Retreat

Hey guys -

According to the Ravelry forum on knitting retreats , there are still quite a few slots open for the Men's Retreat in Allenspark, CO [just up the mountain from Estes Park] for July 18 - 21, 2013.

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Magic Mosaic Afghan

For my next project, I want to tackle Barbara Walker's magic mosaic afghan. I love mosaic tiles in general and would love to see it in a blanket. My issue is on how much yarn to buy (so that I'm using the same lot numbers.) There's no indication in the book and when I research online, I haven't found an answer. Has anyone completed this project?

April 9th

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Toe Up Sock M11(US)

Here is the base pattern (no custom ribbing or anything)
Toe Up on #6(US) Dpn's
Red Heart Super Saver (1 skein +)

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Carpet knitting?

I saw this article about a male knitter who makes felted carpets. It's on the Brownsheep blog homepage.
I was glad to see that the sex of the knitter was never presented as an oddity or curiosity -- only the fact that he knits left-handed.
I want to see the bear rug!

April 8th

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Hi - I've been so swamped in work for several months that knitting had really fallen by the wayside. Now I'm deciding which laid-aside project to finish first.

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Pics will not attach?????

no pics will attach is something wrong???

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Looking for sock pattern

Hi guys,
I"m looking for a toe-up sock that uses Judy's magic cast on, and is made with worsted weight. I have a pattern that fits 8" circumference but I need 9 or 9.5". Does anyone know of one? Or, do you know how I should make adjustments to a smaller sock?

April 5th

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Crown Prince

I have not posted any FO's for awhile so here is my latest effort. It is from the book "The Haapsalu Shawl". Took me six months but I now feel more confident with "Nupps" lol.