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Pattern Question

Starting a vest (Rowan Harrison vest). Already says:

"beg with a K row work in st st. shaping sides by inc 1 st at each end of 15th row, then on 3 foll 14th rows."

Does this mean at the 15th knit row I increase by one at the beginning of the row and end of the row then for every 14th row I do the same thing three times more?

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Hi Guys,
The area I do a lot of my hiking is along the Des Plaines River in the NW burbs of Chicago.

At the 3:34 mark you can see the forest where I hike in the upper right-hand corner of the frame in the video below. So many houses are still underwater. It's never been this bad here. Thankfully, we are dry. I just thought I'd share. So sad.


Metallic yarn

Hey guys I got some metallic yarn at discount place. Its really neat. Simmers like diamonds. I have one in a dark black and one in light colour. The other is more copper, not much sparkle. I have been brain storming what to do with them. I thought the black would make a great net wrap. However its rather ruff (even for my my mans skin) I would be great for a art piece as well.