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March 24th

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The Gift Of Potential

Everyone loves getting presents but as a fiber artist, I’ve discovered a world of gifts that I never imagined. These are the gifts of potential.

March 23rd

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Brethren by Millard Fontenot Finished

GreenBrethren (2)
This is the Pattern by Millard Fontenot that benefits the Mens Knitting Retreats Scholarship fund.

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Online Knit Apps, and Stich Libraries

Found a few online Apps useful for making knitting charts and patterns

For drawing free form charts:

For converting Pictures to charts:
had a different link for knitPro, but i like this one better

For basic sweater pattern generator:

March 21st

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Double Knit, Double Trouble

Inbetween major projects right now, thought I would try something new... 2 color double knit.
Nothing too big a keychain fob, for my utility knife at work, (hate digging in my back pocket when it falls sideways, to replace the I-cord loop currently on it)

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Anybody else in the Colorado Springs area?

I'm new to this site. I learned to crochet years ago, but haven't in a long time. Started knitting a few years ago, but quit after maybe a year because of hand problems. Picked it up again last fall, and now seem to be addicted. Not looking for a cure. Mostly knitting socks, lately.

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Calling Male Knitters in Atlanta Area

Hello my friends,

March 20th

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Glitz for the gents

Tauron Talisman (4)

March 18th

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Anyone interested in a summer knit-a-long

Good Evening Fellow Knitters,

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Entrelac Hat

I just finished this crazy, but neat looking hat. I might make another!
It was interesting to make and kept me on my toes. You could also
Make straight rows of colors. I used a multi color yarn. Enjoy!

March 17th

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a couple completed projects

here are 2 of me finished projects
Both are 1st trys at that item style