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Mens knitting in Amsteram Netherlands

Hi guys. I will be taking a vacation in August of this year (end of month) to Amsterdam the Netherlands. I was wondering if anyone had any information of any mens knitting groups there? I have googled for the yarn shops and found several some close to where I will be staying please let me know.

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Knitting Group

I'm so excited, I just found out there's a knitting group forming nearby!! I hope I'm not the only man there!

I'm currently working on Mathew Gnagy's Carlito cardigan. It's going to be a challenge. I don't like simple, easy, quick to do projects. The more difficult the better. I will post some pics when I'm further along!

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Horror project for Christmas

True, Christmas isn't exactly around the corner but this project might take some time to finish, so I thought I'd share it well in advance. And we don't want Mrs Santa to have to be pregnant longer than necessary, do we? Good thing her baby is born fully clothed with a hat to make it easier to give birth!