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My Antique Spinning Wheel

Good Evening Guys,

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And the World Keeps Spinning

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Just F.I.N.E. now.

As the medically minded of the members here on Men Who Knit know, the answer to the question, "How have you been?"

tells a great deal. The query offers a neutral, safe and simple landing spot for an answer. All too often, though, the answer can be a direct social lie.

"I an fine. Thanks for asking!"

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Another News Story re the knitting Ryan Gosling

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Finished some Baby Item

My sister had a baby boy on Jan 9th 3:29am 8.0lbs 21.5. I had just put down my knitting needles on the Hemlock Baby Blanket and she sent me the txt w/ a picture of Maxfield. The Football baby sack is was an easy and just adorable project.