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October 26th

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A Chronic Disease

I've feared this disease for quite some time, about as long as I've been knitting, in fact. Denial, bargaining, natural alternatives- none of it has seemed to help. The simple fact is this- I have yarnsnobery.

October 23rd

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Back From The East Coast

Finally back from the East Coast. Family illness kept me there longer than expected. Good news is that I got to see a great deal of "fiber country" while there (really enjoyed that). AND my socks are coming along well :)

October 21st

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He Made Me Do It!

As I reflect back on life, I can't help but think that I was destined to knit. It wasn't as if someone grabbed my hands and forced the needles in to them (although I've had drunken men do just that with their own personal needle).

October 20th

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Teaching a class

My LYS want me to teach a class on the teddy bear I designed. Almost finished writing the pattern.

The class will be about two hours over 2 days. Should I do this for free? Get paid? If so, how much? Sale the pattern? If so how much?

October 19th

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The Enabler

As my knitting career began, I spent evening after evening knitting my garter stitch scarfs. I was in love- with knitting. While my personal life lacked luster, this simple new hobby filled my soul. My friends didn't seem to think this was enough, however. They thought I needed something that involved a little more... sex.

October 18th

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Pecan Grove Scarf finally! :)

Well, it's been such an insanely busy month that I didn't have much time for knitting but now that I'm on more or less vacation, I've been getting some in. One of the priorities, since it was for a friend here in Seattle and I leave on Tuesday, was the Pecan Grove scarf I began last month.

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A Little Bit Sad...

From <

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Beekeeper's Quilt

Have you guys seen the Beekeeper's quilt by Tiny Owl Knits?

October 17th

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Blog Caricatures

So I'm thinking about creating some fictional caricatures of myself and other knitters for use in my blog ( I've got two in mind already.

October 16th

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Traveling Loop

I have discovered a variation on Magic Loop knitting that I really like: Traveling Loop.

Instead of making 2 loops at the starting and halfway points in your knitting, you just make the one loop at the beginning. [I cross the cable over itself to close the loop.] Then, as you knit, the loop stays in one place and moves around the knitted piece.