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January 15th

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Wrap and turn...HELP!!!!

Dear friends,

January 14th

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A Turkish Brother! :)

This appeared in yesterday's "Zaman" newspaper. Interesting that it was considered unusual enough to make the news. :)

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Biting off the Big One

Well Guys I did it, I started my own blog. Take a look at it and join. It is for those of us who use knitting boards, Knifty Knitters and circular knitting machines. It is nothing fancy but just a little part of the internet to call my own.

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OT...Knitting time

I have some news, we (my partner and I) have purchased a holiday home on Big Tancook Island here in Nova Scotia. Lucy Neatby lives just around the corner from us. The Ferry ride is 1 hour each way so I will get lots of knitting done. lol

January 13th

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Here is something I just finished for my partner. He love's to txt and being that we live in Sother CA the weather is fair most of the year. He loves them this was before blocking them but they still look good.

January 12th

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Today on Lazy Stupid and Godless

The following is a post that was in response to the following ravelry discussion thread posted to the Lazy Stupid and Godless Group:

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Site problems

This morning I had just got into work and strated my daily ritual. Log into computer, check emails, log into mwk. But wait I couldn't get in. This thru my hole morning off. So went on to raverly to see if any one knew what was going on. Luckly i saw some one post site issue and then my day continued.

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The Thistle is spreading

I'm starting to work on my Christmas knitting again, after three projects pre-empted my other work. While I'm still trying to finish a tweed scarf for my partner's possible emergency trip to Oklahoma, I've managed to double the length of the thistle lace scarf.

January 11th

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It took me 10 months and 2 days - I'm happy with that (although, to be fair, it spent much of that time sitting in the closet. )

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The kindness of others.

Sometimes, I feel Blanche DuBois got it right: You always depend upon the kindness of others.