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November 16th

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designing boxers

Good Evening All,

Here is a picture of the first leg of a pair of ribbed boxers that I am designing. I let you know how the they progress. As you can see from the photo the fiber is Wisdom Yarn's Poems Socks which is 75% superwash wool and 25% nylon. Needle size being used is 3.00 mm.

Regards to all,


November 14th

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It's True, I Have Fiber Chlamydia (YTD's or FTD's) - from my post at

Yep, it's happened. And I know at this point that many of the readers that got drawn in by the title are shaking their heads in sympathy or are just plain confused... Fiber Chlamydia? Yes, that's right, fiber clap is here. Moths... More specifically, their little crawling larvae.

November 13th

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Here is

a pic of the yarn in its single stage.

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Fluff to yarn

Just a pic to show what I have been up to.

November 12th

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My attempt at knitting a Gregory Patrick Teddy Bear

I told my partner I would do it and I have--- I have knitted my first Gregory Patrick Teddy Bear. He came out cute and is going to be part of my family if I can keep my fur children away from it! I do not want him to become a causality to chewing by my dog!

November 11th

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Patterns, Patterns, Patterns!

Hi guys! So a friend of mine requested a custom piece for Christmas, which is very exciting! She, my boyfriend, and I are huge fans of RuPaul's Drag Race, and we get together every Monday to watch together (have you boys been watching Allstars??? The SHADE of it all...). She did not specify what she wanted as a gift, her only stipulation was that I make it for her.

November 9th

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Jack Frost Nipping at the Pumpkins

We've had our first heavy frost this week in St. Louis (but today is forecast to be 70). Almost finished my grandson's last sweater for the season and was thinking what to do next and thought I'd do my first cock sock/willie warmer. Anyone know of a good pattern and want to join me in knitting one up? I thought us guys could have some fun with a short project together.


November 6th

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Sweet Tomato Heel Socks

Has anyone tried socks using the brilliant Cat Bordhi's "Sweet Tomato Heel?" I bought the e-book last night and have done a heel-only to try the technique. I really like the smooth look as well as the ease of making it. There is no heel flap, there are no wraps to conceal, nor any stitches to pick up.

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and now for something......different

this was my contribution to the evening concert at my folk music retreat this year.

Woad in the Garden

November 4th

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Another satisfied customer

A freind had me make this for her new nephew.