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The Akimbo

Akimbo (24)

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Feeling dumb

Trying to work out simple lace pattern. It's k1yo first row. Coming back you skp slipping the knit stitch and knitting the yo so I get that it alternates. What I don't get is the beginning or rows so it doesn't create diagonal edge. Every row can't start with k1 yo, right? Then what does that mean about last stitches. I am sure this is. Simple solution.

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Is it a horrible thing to want to meet a guy who knits and crochets? Hmmm... There needs to be a single section. I sometimes feel embarrassed to tell a a date that I knit and crochet. They never seem to get it or make assumptions about who I am. Maybe its just living in New York.

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prayer shawls

At the request of some friends, I completed a couple of prayer shawls that will go to their loved ones who have entered chemo. In both cases, cancer has been detected in early stages, but the there are no joys with chemo. Both are acrylic so they can be washed when necessary.