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June 26th

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Unfortunately I have to miss the last class on sock making, does anyone know of a good resource I can use for making socks? Books, youtube, hand scratched notes?

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More Doilies

Just a couple more doilies. I have a lace scarf that I've got to block and then I'll post. Of course, the last doily picture still has to be blocked as well.

June 25th

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A Summer Fling

I usually hide away all of my craft paraphernalia and projects between the months of April and October, preferring to take advantage of the summer months to get outside and be active. But this year I have been bitten by the knitting bug earlier than usual.

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Does anyone know what to do to get added to the Facebook group?

I've requested on facebook, emailed Darrel through here, and still not a member of the group.
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

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Getting Ready For Primal Scream "Socks"

Ok.. in keeping with my anal retentive utilitarian streak it is time for me to move onto socks. I've heard the wonders and the horrors. I've read some of your stories and know that many of you are very good at it. So ... speaking to that group (not those of you limping around with lumps in your shoes) what do you think is the best starting point for this size 12 guy? Just plain old nice socks.

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Southeast Men's Knitting Retreat 2012

Hey Ya’ll,
A hearty southern greeting to the male knitters of the Southeast! I think I finally am beginning to figure this whole thing out so....It’s time to start planning the Southeast Men’s Knitting Retreat 2012 !!!

June 24th

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Sun Satchel

Hi Everyone!

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Araucania Ranco Multy

Anyone have any thoughts on what this might look good as. It's fingering weight in a tangarine, turquoise and pale yellow color wave.

June 23rd

Why won't my I pad allow me to upload pics of my work

Guys can anyone tell me how to upload pics of my work.
Is the iPad not sinking with this site? Or do I need to down load some app from the app store.
Thanks, richard.

June 22nd

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Olympic Economy

Here is one of the reasons why the Olympic Committee members so fiercely protect their logo and other branding. The execs can't afford not to protect it; it's BIG business.

Olympic Committee Salaries - Forbes Magazine