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April 3rd

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Irregular Rib Raglan sweater

Has anyone bit into this pattern yet? It is in Loop-d-Loop. I am getting ready to shape the second shoulder and am plain stumped.

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Winter projects..

A couple of Frocks finished over the Winter, and the American Beauty Rose afghan nearing it's final stages, another 15 inches and of course the tassels should complete this project!!

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New Picture

I changed the photo in my profile. I like my slippers better than looking at myself. I am still smiling though. :)

April 2nd

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Duke, Taking a nap...

I will be posting a couple of my Winter projects, finally finished!!

April 1st

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Rowan Dalesman

So it has been a while since I have done anything other than a hat or a scarf and it has been even longer since I have posted anything on MWK, but I recently came across the Rowan Dalesman book last week and was struck by two of the sweater vests in there. Since I have never made a sweater I am starting with the simpler Harrison sweater before I tackle the Fairbank.

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Just finished blocking a vest I made using Shetland wool that was left over from other projects. I used a 3.25 mm needle. It was knitted in the round with steeks for the the front and arm holes. I didn't bother securing stitches but just cut the steeks open and picked up stitches for the border. It was a fun and fast knit.