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April 10th

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Breaks in yarn

I am now on my third skein of Lionbrand Fishermen's Wool, Oak Tweed yarn. The first skein had three breaks in the yarn that were deep inside the skein. Two of them were tied with really big and sloppy knots. The third was simply a break, no effort was made to tie it. The second skein was a bit better, only two knots.

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A little Crochet for Men Who Knit

PhilosophersToque (13)

April 9th

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Men's Rocky Mountain Knitting Retreat

Hello All,

Sorry, I didn't get this posted sooner!!!

Frank and I just wanted to let you know we are excited that registration is now open for the 2012 Men's Rocky Mountain Knitting Retreat. Instead of me invoicing you, just click the BuyNow button from this page: (Just cut and paste this into a browser window!)

April 8th

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Happy Easter

Not quite an Easter Bonnet, but it's as close as I'll be getting.

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Birthday sweater

Just finished a sweater for my brother's birthday coming up in June. Not only will he not wear it anytime soon, it's a long shot he'll wear it at all since we live in Arizona. Anyway, thought I'd share.

April 7th

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Vest Progress

Hi Guys,
Thanks to all of you for answering some of my novice questions. I am making progress on my first vest. The back turned out well and the front is growing nicely. I have them pinned down for the photos, but not blocked yet. I thought it would be best to block them both at the same time.

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Happy Holidays.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate Easter, Chag semeach to those who celebrate the Pesach (next year in Jerusalem!) and a plain ol' happy Sunday to all others. Peace be with you all!

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Here Piggy Piggy!

Well I made another yarn bowl. But this time a little different. I made a pig. LOL. I guess I am having too much fun creating these yarn bowls. I am already thinking what can I do next? Check my website out for more of my story.
Meantime take a look at the couple of pics
Happy Knitting!!

April 5th

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STar center doily

crochet - done from a photo of an unknown pattern on rav.

My revamp needs some tweaking - but it's getting there...

April 4th

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Stop Fingering My Linen

a friend asked if he could commission me to knit him a spring scarf. I already recently gave him a great scarf in autumn colors, but I said OK, not really understanding what he meant by 'commission'. I'm not a fast knitter and if he was planning to pay me by the hour, he can't afford me. (Actually he CAN afford me, but that's beside the point.)