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Vest Progress

Hi Guys,
Thanks to all of you for answering some of my novice questions. I am making progress on my first vest. The back turned out well and the front is growing nicely. I have them pinned down for the photos, but not blocked yet. I thought it would be best to block them both at the same time.

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Happy Holidays.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate Easter, Chag semeach to those who celebrate the Pesach (next year in Jerusalem!) and a plain ol' happy Sunday to all others. Peace be with you all!

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Here Piggy Piggy!

Well I made another yarn bowl. But this time a little different. I made a pig. LOL. I guess I am having too much fun creating these yarn bowls. I am already thinking what can I do next? Check my website out for more of my story.
Meantime take a look at the couple of pics
Happy Knitting!!