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March 17th

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Square Shawl

I made another square shawl for a niece. Although I have made lots of these, I find them interesting and relaxing. This one is made with Jamieson and Smith Shetland wool (colourway - Periwinkle) on 4.5mm needles. It measures 68 inches x 68 inches. I finished it with a sideways garter stitch border that I found in my "knitting book" and have no idea where I found it.

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Stitch Dictionary

I checked this one out several times from the library across the street when it was still open. Finally I just bought it. Informative, concise, clear pictures and separated into single-color and multiple-color, light, medium and heavy-weight yarns has made this my go-to book for stitches.

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Just for a larf. :)

March 15th

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Signature Needles

I've been drooling over signature needles for years. However, I have never been up-close and personal with their circulars. Does anyone know if they are good for magic loop? I'm thinking about asking the Hubby for a set for my birthday.

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The Kelp Grove


March 14th

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My new project...

New grey sweater in progress...

March 13th

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I'm not quite happy with it but I might be if I could ever wear it. The day after I finshed it the temp shot up to 76° and is supposed to be near 80 for the next week. It's still winter for God's sake.

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Battle Dress Jacket

? x 100g Jungle Green Shaded Alafoss Lopi
5mm circular

18 sts and 35 rows to 10cm over linen stitch on 5mm needles

Linen Stitch (Vogue Dictionary of Knitting Stitches, p14)
multiple of 2 plus 1
Row 1: *K1, yfwd, sl.1 purlwise, ybk; repeat from * to last stitch, k1
Row 2: P1, *p1,ybk, sl.1 purlwise, yfwd: repeat from * to last 2 sts, p2

March 11th

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Quick Finish - Scrabble Bag

The Scrabble Bag was a quick knit but an enjoyable one. In addition to the cable fun, is the i-cord. It was much easier to make than I thought it would be and I think it turned out pretty well. The cabling is on both sides. I think I will make another one using some entrelac stitching and put a Scrabble tile on each side.

March 10th

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My Frist projects ever.

Hi guys,

It's my birthday today, so I figured I'd finally introduce myself and post my projects.