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February 7th

Who's your favorite men's designer?

I've been looking at a lot of pattern books and I think I know why women say there's a curse on knitting for their hubbies/bfriends etc. I think its becuase they follow the patterns verbatim from the books. color and all.
I bought Knits Men Want by Bruce Weinstein and have been singing his praises ever since. I love the patterns, the colors he chose, and the way he handles gauge.

February 7th

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My boss

My boss was in my office yesterday and my socks were showing because I had legs crossed with my ankle up on my knee. He admired my socks and they happened to be a pair that I'd made and I said so and offered to make him a pair. His reaction was so funny.

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Latests Scarf from Son of Stitch and Bitch

My latest attempt at a scarf. The pattern is from Son of Stitch and Bitch but I chose darker, more wintery colours: A dark blue and a lighter three-colour wool to contrast with it. I also added a Welsh Dragon to the centre - just for fun.

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Another Double Knit Scarf

This is my second attempt at "Double Knitting" I think it turned out better so I guess practice does improve things. The scarf is from Son of Stitch and Bitch. The lighter shade is unknown acrylic and the darker is Patons Decor.

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Completely Unrelated to Knitting (but laughing is healthy!)

Extra explanatory notes for language geeks.

1) Turkish is one of those languages that not lots of foreigners really try to learn. Result: Turks don't often get to see their language mangled in big, official places (a la "Ingrish") like we do. Yet the general perception is that "English is easy," and if you have gotten your Level 3 whatever, you now know English.

2 at time toe up socks

Hey fellas,
I like Melissa Morgan-Oakes's book 2 at a time socks so much becuase its made for perfectly matched socks I decided to try out the toe up method.
At this point, I only have 2" finished and am about to start the pattern (texture, no color) and a little excited to see how this works.

February 6th

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Cables from hell finished

Unfortunately it called the Tabby Tam (what is it with women and cutsey pattern names) and as horrible as it was to knit it turned out really well. The pattern is by Asami Kawa and it is knit in Kathamdu DK on size 5 needles.
Here it is blocking:

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A Hat and a Kilt

KiltedKnitter (1)

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Lace Knitting

3 months Cape Town has produced this dressing gown