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February 11th

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Knitting Needles in Space -- fun science

I like that an astronaut took knitting needles as part of his personal "crew preference". Here's a bit of physics that is a bit different from the physics of yarn. Just a fun thing to think about.

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How much is that Bear on the window

BearNumberOne (2)

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A little catching up

I have a habit of starting new projects when I stll have others on the needles. Then later (just like letting a room get messy and doing a massive cleanup) I feel the need to finish things. The first on the list was the socks I started this spring and sort of forgot about. Since I had yarn leftover from my sweater fiasco, I decided to make the toes from it.

February 10th

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A Bear in the Making


February 9th

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My addition to funny Looks

I sometimes will get a gig driving somebodies car from Connecticut to wherever. Sort of a quick side cash pick up. While waiting at the Fort Lauderdale airport for my return flight after one such job ( I had a few hours before my flight) I decided to pull out the Irish Hooded scarf I was working on for my roommate.

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mmmm I dont understand very well this new page I want share with your mys pics ???

Before I was tricoteur and I was a lot of pictures ???

and yes my inglish is veryyyy badddddddddd lol

February 8th

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Homespun Habitat

habitathandspun2012 (6)

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Smalltownknitguy (Russell Boyd) featured on Fiberguys!

Latest Fiberguys profile - Russell Boyd of North Carolina! Read about it here:

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My first silly knitting tutorial.

So, I've been selling my teddy bear pattern on Etsy and Craftsy, and thought, "hmmmm, maybe I could do a little video or two to help with some of the technique." LOL! I am such a dork on video. But, if you'd like to see my tutorial on embroidering the face on a teddy bear, head to my blog and check it out :)

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Moving to Chattanooga, TN

Hey Guys! Andy & I are getting ready to move down to Chattanooga, TN so Andy can be closer to family while he goes back to school full-time.

We have been to a couple yarn shops down there. Three Black Sheep in Signal Mountain and the Genuine Purl in Chattanooga. Just wondering if anyone lives in the area, has further suggestions on places to go or any other tid-bits that may be helpful!