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February 21st

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Retreating from a Blustery Day

I enjoyed our recent break from the typical Wyoming winter. It snowed, and I got the kids out to play in it multiple times in the two whole days of it, but alas all good things must come to an end. And by an end, I mean that the wind has returned and is carrying our snow off to Nebraska or other places further afield.

February 19th

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The Sherpa

I've made this hat before in wool but I someone ask me if I could make one in something other then wool and this recycled silk came to mind. This yarn is really beautiful but really hard to knit with. The Sherpa was the perfect project for it, not much purling, it looks really apropriate and it's really comfortable and cozy.

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2012 Men's Spring Knitting Retreat - Scholarship Nominations

Hey is the last day to nominate someone for a scholarship.

There are still about 10 beds left for the event (after scholarship winners!) for anyone that was still hoping to register.

Nominate someone here.

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Circular Knitting Needles

I am interested in buying circular knitting needles, but I've always found they are too short and cut into my palms when I knit. Does anybody have any advice about the best brand to purchase for larger hands? Any help is appreciated.


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"Lite Brite" Scarf

What to do with that Kureyon that didn't stripe nicely? Make a Lite Brite scarf!

February 17th

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Just wanted to share some sock I recently finish. I've been trying to knit a little of everything. Here is something new completed for me. Was happy how they turned out. The were supposed to be for me but my partner again loved them so he can seem to keep his hands of my stuff.

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Fair Isle Help

I have just started a new fair isle project where I'm changing to two different colours of yarn every three rows. What's happening is that I'm getting little gaps where I change yarn. Is there a way to avoid this?



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Shetland stole

I just finished this traditional Shetland stole. It measures about 80 x 200 cm and is knitted from 91 grammes of 1 ply Shetland Supreme which is about 1500metres. The patterns are from Sharon Miller's book "Heirloom Knitting".
Best regards from a sunny Denmark

Don't fix it if it ain't broke. Right?

Now knowing that saying, why did I try toe-up socks?? I was doing just fine ankle-down when this stupid idea hit me.

February 16th

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I don't watch TV, but I suppose some of you will see the humor in this.