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November 6th

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Sweet Tomato Heel Socks

Has anyone tried socks using the brilliant Cat Bordhi's "Sweet Tomato Heel?" I bought the e-book last night and have done a heel-only to try the technique. I really like the smooth look as well as the ease of making it. There is no heel flap, there are no wraps to conceal, nor any stitches to pick up.

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and now for something......different

this was my contribution to the evening concert at my folk music retreat this year.

Woad in the Garden

November 4th

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Another satisfied customer

A freind had me make this for her new nephew.

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Snorting Yarn- Confessions of a yarn addict

Hello. My name is Jonathan and I’m a yarn addict. I have to admit that I am powerless over yarn, that my life has become unmanageable.

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November 3rd

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Grandson's sweater - Johnny Boy Delivered

Good Afternoon All,

Here is a picture of the completed sweater.


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Sweater pattern

I am making a raglan, top-down sweater for my son and it's going very well. I am at the point where I will join the sleeves and continue with the body of the sweater. Right now, it's all just stockinette stitch, which is fine as my son likes things done simply. I thought, however, that I might add a bit of interest by adding some sort of a repeat.