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Signature Needles

I have heard much about Signature Needles and would like to ask you guys your opinions. I am interested in a set of 5 sock needles and realize I have a choice of length and also of the type of point. Have you used them? Do you know anyone who has?
OR - what kind of needles do you use. I have tried 3 different kinds of wooden needles and do not like them.

Progress made

My lace knitting journey continues. I finished the caps and blogged about it. Thought I might give them as gifts but then decided to keep them. Now I've actually moved on to knitting a cardigan. The pattern is Kelmscott by Carol of Sunday knits. The yarn recommended is of course one of the reasons I chose this pattern. It is an angora/merino blend, which is pretty much all I do in handspun.

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Wrap and turn...HELP!!!!

Dear friends,

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A Turkish Brother! :)

This appeared in yesterday's "Zaman" newspaper. Interesting that it was considered unusual enough to make the news. :)