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January 25th

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I decided to have some fun with this yarn. I picked up 2 skeins for $2 each, so made a pair of longer socks for my daughter. I used what Welden's calls a German Heel with a more rounded toe.

January 24th

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Boy have I learnt a lot!

After unpicking my last Beanie attempt I worked through the night to complete the latest one. Little did I know what a big mistake this would be!

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Arden Hat

I'm so much happier with this hat than the previous one. It's also 80%Baby Alpaca and 20%Bamboo.

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Continental knitting??

Ok so this weekend I taught myself continental knitting. I came up with a few issues and I'm wondering if these are common and if anyone else has experienced them.

January 23rd

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My Sweater

I have been working on this sweater for quite awhile and I just decided to get it finish it.

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Hello and thanks to all!

you guys do such great work - it's a real inspiration, and thanks!

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Beanie woes

Disaster has struck!

As I mentioned before I decided to live with any mistakes on my first Beanie but I have got to the stage where I may need to do over!

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Multicolored scarf progression

I about half way through. It is turning out better than expected. I feel as though I had this project planned for months. I want to keep it but alas I have so many scarves.

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Newest lighter weight scarf

Hi Guys!

January 22nd

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Something new for the studio

Here is a picture of my new skein winder that I made.