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December 20th

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So, so close...

December 19th

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top down knitting

i am ready to take the plunge

any recommendations for top down knitting? there seem to be a few and i wanted to reviews from the men on which ones you liked best

December 18th

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Two of my main presents are done.

Two of my main Christmas presents are done. An Afghan for my mother in law and an Irish hooded scarf for my wife. Both very fun to do.

December 17th

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Hi Everybody

Hi. I'm new to the site, thought I'd introduce myself. It seems like everyone just uses the blogs, it wouldn't let me post in the forum.

December 14th

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A Lull as the Sweater Never Ends

December 14th

Holiday gifts in progress

I'm furiously knitting away to complete many of these

and these

Happy Holidays

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Teddy Bears

This is my Teddy Bears.
These are Christmas presents for the little ones.

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This is my own wool that I have dyed and done my own spinning for on my Spinning Wheel. This is my first project that I have posted. It was done on a Triangle Loom.

December 13th

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YO at end of row...

Hey guys....I started knitting a swatch of a single motif in the lace pattern I chose ( One row of the pattern says to yarn over at the end. If its meant to increase a stitch, how will it do this if there isn't a stitch left to knit after it. Specifically I'm talking about row 27.

Thanks guys.

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Gills Neck Gaitor

Check out the attached image of my neckwarmer design called Gills Gaitor. It's available as a free download at (Click the free patterns link, and then Simpliworsted Patterns.) Skacel sponsored a one skein project competition among the participants at the Men's Fall Knitting Retreat.