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November 14th

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1st Annual Southeast Men's Knitting Retreat

What a great time we had at the first Southeast Retreat! I was a little scared of having it at the Methodist Camp but they were very accommodating and welcoming. And of course the other knitters were fantastic guys. Randy did a great job organizing the event.

November 13th

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Greetings from ME

It's been a while since I visited this site, but my surfing brought me here tonight so I thought I would say "Hello" from Maine.

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And the 2 are now 1

David and I made our commitment legal at the Unitarian church in Dubuque Iowa last night. It was a quiet and very small ceremony with only one of my brothers, his wife and their 2 children. David and I are Christians, the service we had turned out to be more special than we thought it probably would have turned out to be. Our service, we assumed, would have been in a parking lot or outside.

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Southeastern Men's Knitting Retreat

Let me be the first attendee to post about the retreat!!!

One word....WOW!!!!

There are SO many things to talk about that you would still be reading my post when the retreat rolls around NEXT year.

November 12th

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Two Sweaters

I knit a sweater for my neighbour in Mexico from Paton's Bulky on 6mm needles. It is charcoal with a yellow and orange fleck in it. I used the pattern I developed but this time I knit back and forth as I didn't know how the yarn which is 75% acrylic would steek. I knit the sleeves in the round.

November 11th

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Introducing The Brethren Sock pattern designed exclusively for the Southeast Men's Knitting Retreat...

Brethren Sock Teaser
(click on the pic to see additional photos on my flickr page)

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Redbird - flying away

I made this shawl for my sister-in-law; HOWEVER, a big technical error means I'll have to remake it.

I used Kieran Foley's pattern Blackbird but changed it's name for the most obvious reason.

November 10th

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Help me win a piano!

Totally not knitting related, but I would love everyone's help in winning a piano. All you have to do is go to and "like" the video I uploaded. If I get enough votes, I'll win a piano!

Thanks in advance!

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Firefly Foxmore Scarf

I fianally found time to photograph and post this little ditty. It was a fun continuation of my love affair with Elite Classic's Firefly yarn. It's a Rayon/Linen bland and great to work with and really illustrates the magic of blocking. I really like this lace pattern, simple and elegant.

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Looking for a pattern that will go well with multi-color yarn

i have yarn that i got from a friend that's very nice. it's a multi-color yarn that was hand-dyed. i want to make a scarf out of it. i found a pattern that i liked, so when i knitted about 2 inches, the pattern was there, but it was covered up by the busy-ness of the randomized color patterns.