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November 18th

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Sock 1; Take 2

Well some time ago I started my very first sock, I felt good knowing I was going to be learning something new. During that project, as well as others following it, I was told I was…well let’s just drop that. So Sock 1; Take 1 was frogged and a new one was started.

November 17th

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The Brethren Sock Pattern is UP!!!

For those of you who got the pattern for being an attendee of the retreat, I will be happy to gift you a copy through ravelry so you may have it in your library and have a digital version of it. Just send me a pm on Ravelry. Also, thanks to Joe (aka Olddancer) we've got our first bit of errata. Next to the instep chart instructions it says:

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Shetland Lace vs. Estonian

Well, I'm falling into the world of lace more and more (I still blame MMario) and I'm trying to tease apart the different styles of lace. Currently, I'm looking at Shetland and Estonian lace. My current thinking is that the differences appear to be in regional styles rather than stitch patterns. However, I'm not sure.

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My next Christmas present

As I am retired and on a meager fixed retirement income I am forced to make my presents this year(I like that though). I am now making a Irish hooded scarf with pockets for my wife. Color is a Denim Heather.

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First Afghan

Well this is my first Afghan. I made it for a Christmas present this year. Just finishing up the fringe on it.

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First sweater ... huh?

Hi all,

So, when I was back in Seattle, I was talking to a very nice guy in a yarn shop about various things, and somewhere mentioned that I wanted to try my first sweater but was trying to get up my courage. He told me "if you've done socks, you already know most of the techniques."

Well maybe, but construction is full of surprises!

November 16th

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And for my brother

A pattern of my own design, with blocks of half-herringbone. The yarn is Kertzer Down to Earth Cotton. It is organic cotton, environmentally friendly dyed. It looks like the dye was sprinkled over the yarn, creating interesting clumps of color. It is done on size 5 Lion Brand plastic needles (my normal choice for nearly anything), and this is as-yet the thinnest needles I've used for a project.

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Thistle Lace in thistle Noro

I am working on a scarf for my sister in law, based on the thistle lace stitch kindly sent to me by scottly. I found the same basic stitch in the Sweet Scarf on Ravelry, so the scarf I'm doing is a slight modification of that (addition of moss stitch border). I have been told that Pam likes purple, and I think this color is perfect for the name.

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I Made It Through Hip Replacement

Hello everyone,
First of all, a great big thank you to all of you who sent me heartwarming encouragement before I let my surgeon dig into me like an unsuspecting uncooked ham leg. The surgery was Nov. 9th and here it is a week later and all is well. While there is still pain at the incision site, the horrendous pre-surgical pain is all but a (bad) memory. Amazing.

November 15th

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Dumb, dumb, dumb

So I've been working on a pair of socks for myself for months now. Two at a time on circs with yarn I dyed myself. I've been really happy with the way they're coming out. They're my take-everywhere-knit-a-row-when-I-have-a-minute project, and since my feet are size 14, and I'm knitting with size 2 needles, and I rarely have a minute, it's taken quite a while.