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My first posted project

I've attached my first real project. This is a baby blanket I've made for the expected granddaughter of a friend of ours. It was done on a Knifty Knitter loom (41 pegs) and took me about a month to do. It's done in garter stitch in three strips, and an I-cord, and then sown together. I finally got everything sown together after midnight last night!

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Going to Wales and need some help....

I'm going to England 10/8 - 10/19 and am traveling to Wales from 10/10 - 10/14. I'm hiring a car in Guildford that Monday morning and driving west! I know I want to see the National Wool Museum and I want to look for knitting books in Hay-on-Wye but apart from that - I'm lost! I would welcome any input as I've never been farther west than Cardiff before. Thank you in advance!