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My knitted monster, Geet!

Hi Guys! After knitting two shawls, which I really enjoyed, I decided to take a bit of a break before starting on a third. They were fun to make but were more involved projects that took some amount of care and attention.

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project in progress: Half-herringbone scarf

This is a scarf I'm knitting for one of the two people who gave me instruction and encouragement when i was knitting. Actually, Alison was the one who gave me her old needles (she switched to crochet) and taught me the knit stitch.

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Socks, Mittens and Balls

Hello all. I continue to be inspired by the various projects everyone shares on this site....I'm continuing to work on basic socks and mittens. When I work on mittens this time of year, I feel like a squirrel getting ready for colder weather and that thing called winter. And just for fun, I knit a couple of small balls and stuffed them with bamboo fill.

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Currently Blocking: Tunisian Knit scarf UPDATE

I finished my Tunisian knit scarf! This is not Tunisian crochet, but the Tunisian knit stitch, which is a kind of brioche stitch. I love the distinct grid, which is so different from what is normally seen in knitting. It is also an "endangered" stitch these days; I've only seen a few examples online.

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The Mischievous Little Brown Bear

So, when you think of Florida, you probably think of gators, flamingos, mosquitoes.... But, there's actually a huge brown bear population here that people forget about. It's actually quite funny. You see, people will come home from work to find the little brown bears splashing in their pools, playfully lurking behind their garages, or dangling from their trees eager for attention.