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Help with Matthew Shepard Scarf

Could someone explain this part of the pattern for me.

At the end of each rs row and the beginning of ws rows there is a sl1 pwise in the pattern.

The slipped stitch never seems to get picked up in this pattern and I end up with a loop starting from row 1.

Is there something I'missing?

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Does anyone know how old this craft is?

I was just reading something that describes knitting as an “ancient practice”. Is that true? For something to qualify as “ancient” for me it would need to come from the time before the fall of the Roman Empire, i.e., 476 AD. Does anyone know how far back knitting goes?

PS I got the 476 AD idea from the Merriam-Webster.

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Just to prove I really can knit

Because my attempt @ the Matthew Shephard Scrf looked pretty pathetic,
I thought I would post a pic of the Asherton Scarf I have just finished, just to prove I really can produce something.

Loved knitting this and pretty proud of the the end product

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Slogging it out with Myrna Stahman

This is my practice effort so far with the Matthew Scarf, before I start for real.
Looks nothing like ones others have knitted
Perhaps I need to go up a needle size or try a different yarn.

Also the chart is extremely hard to keep track of, without going blind.

Having trouble with the slpwise at the end and beginning of alternative rows