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August 10th

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Tie Pattern FREE

Dear Friends,

August 10th

Is there any News

Is there any news/word re Gregory Patrick? Know he is having a bad time.

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New take on stash management

I'd sworn to myself that I wouldn't buy any more yarn until I caught up with some of the projects that have been sitting in my stash closet staring at me for far too long.

Need an easy sock pattern for first try.

Hi Guys,

I am ready, I think, to try socks and would like an easy pattern. Would appreciate any recommendations.

August 9th

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Dr Who Monkey Surprise

I woke up this morning and found this done to the monkey I had knitted. I think my boyfriend has finally caught up with me in watching Dr Who episodes. haha.

August 8th

Need new knitting buddy

Poor me, my sis who knits moved to Oregon and got married. And sadly, I buried a cousin two weeks ago who was a lifetime knitter. Any guys in the northern michigan area who knit?

August 7th

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Here's a little firefly to catch your fancy, with a little surprise at the end!

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OK, first post. Hello all.

August 6th

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Swallowtail Shawl

Well, done with this finally. Wasn't nearly as painful as I had expected, though I have to say the bind-off was sort of excruciating. Not because it was hard, it was just...endless!

August 5th

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The Trouble with Life Lines....

So I finally made my foray into lace knitting. It really wasn't supposed to happen, you know. I was going to knit things I could use. Scarves. Hats. Socks. Especially socks. You know, MANLY things.