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August 25th

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Hey - I am considering getting a simple [and I do mean simple] digital camera that I can use for photos and then posting them here and on Ravelry. I need a fairly inexpensive one as my budget is limited and I don't want to spend too much money that can go towards yarn. I figured my best move would be to get feedback from people more in the know - Any suggestion? Thanks.

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Regia or Opal?

I have knitted all my socks in Regia brand yarn. I like the way it knits up; I can always get the guage to make socks which consistently fit me. These socks are durable and have a long life. All of our yarn shops were munted in the June earthquake so I've lost my Regia supplier. The only way to obtain some more is via the internet.

August 24th

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Math/design question

I am doing multiple cables within a row. There is a c4 that repeats alternately every 4 or 6 rows and a twisted 6 st cable that repeats every 6 rows.

How many rows do I have to chart until the whole set of cables repeats? I was thinking 60 but that seemed like too many

August 23rd

August 22nd

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Shaped Triangular Shawl from GOL

I actually managed to do this in just over a month. I ran out of the body colour and had to do boarder in a cream but I think it turned out okay.

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Newbie Knitter question

Hey guys, I'm a really new knitter, having discovered a passion for knitting recently by using round looms. I haven't crossed over into actual needle territory, because I am having so much fun, and becoming severly addicted to this new passion.

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Another Day, Another Knit. Thank Goodness

So much for sleeping in this morning. To bad I can't even blame it on my own dogs. I was awoken by the neighbors dog barking incessantly from six am on. Their idea of dog ownership is one of those things that has always stumped me. I've seen it over and over again and it's something that always fumbles my sense of logic. I'm sure to them it makes perfect sense.

August 21st

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Provisional Cast On Preference

I'm just curious. If you were working on a project with a provisional cast on, would you rather pick up stitches and knit the next part from the bottom or knit the next piece separately and then graft the two together? Personally, I'm tending toward the grafting bit but, again, I'm just curious as to others' preferences.


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FO, among my first

Now that I think about it, this is among the first serious projects I started, and the fourth I've finished.

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Boyfriend Socks

We all know about the "sweater curse," but is there a general knitwear curse too? Hope not, because these are for my b.f. :) The pattern is "Jeck" (free Ravelry download). It's a nice easy sock and the slip stitch rib makes for a nice contrast of color and keeps it interesting.