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Addi Clicks in my humble opinion

When I first learned to knit almost 8 years ago, I started out with the usual 2 pointed sticks. Since I am an academic wanker, I had to read all I could find on knitting during this introductory phase. Interestingly, at that time I could find only a couple of authors who talked about circulars and these vigorously maintained that circular needles were the only way to go.

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I'm Yarnworthy!!!

Hello Everyone!

I've been on the Facebook Men Who Knit site for a while and love the interaction there and finally took the time to submit my request to be with the big boys here in the full website!!!
After only a few hours of waiting I have been deemed YarnWorthy by the Creators of this wonderful site, the guys with the big balls of yarn! LOL!

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Coming Stateside!

Hi all,

I'll be back in the US for a month or so, including 5 days in New York (Oct 6-9), about 10 days in N. Arkansas (Oct 10-19), and 12 days in Seattle (Oct. 20-November 1). Anybody in those places? I'm also wondering about good yarn stores in New York since I'll have plenty of free time there (though it will be jet-lagged time, what the heck).

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Better Late than Never

I had planned to post yesterday. It was on my list of to do items for my first day off work. Yes, every Thursday morning in the quiet hours of work I tend to sit and make my list of "stay awake" projects. But somehow I had forgotten that I had scheduled myself some afternoon training appointments.

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baby blanket for my first great-neice/nephew

since we don't yet know the baby's gender, I went rather neutral in colors except for just a splash for the parents - so it's not just about the kid.
it was fun and can't wait to make another!