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July 7th

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Heading to the Mile High City (in preparation for the Rocky Mountain Knitting Retreat)

I decided to spend the day before check-in for the retreat in Denver.

July 6th

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A Solution to the Trouble in Damask

As planned, I called the yarn shop I bought the Great Adirondack Yarn Co product from in Cheyenne. The owner was very helpful though stumped in regards to what was happening to the yarn.

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Off Topic: Bread School

Just a few quick minutes of your time. One of my other loves (besides knitting) is baking bread.

July 5th

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Kieran Foley's Indigo Beach

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Men's Shawl Collar Cardigan from Knit Simple Fall 2011

Hi guys. Shameless promotion.

From the recent Knit Simple Fall 2011, pattern #22:


Glorious Fourth

Hope all you happy knitters had a Glorious Fourth.

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Snap! Dang it...

Last night we were invited over to some friends house who live on Capitol Hill here in DC.

July 4th

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Tabi (split toe) Socks - What worked for me!

A friend of mine from Berkeley, where summers are frigid, asked me if I could knit her a pair of Japanese split-toe socks (Tabi) to wear with her Birkenstocks.

July 3rd

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Trouble in Damask

I started the Damask shawl last night and posted a pic in the last post of a finished example, my yarn choice and the beginning few rows. Well, I'm in trouble.

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finished baby blanket

Hello all! I've finally finished the baby blanket. Well, I haven't woven in the ends yet, but I'm posting photos anyway. It will be all ready for my niece, Lorelei, when she is born in September.